They Lurk

They Lurk (YouTube link)

I’ve been teaching myself Blender over the past few months and put this 1 minute short together in the process. Still struggling with the fluid sim though!

Wow that’s really good! Nice work :smiley:

Great work! Very good camera tracking and blender integration with live footage. Very inspiring. The slime from the trees needs to be more opaque? Or if it is intended to be transparent then maybe more specularity. Maybe make the fluid mesh more dense too. This is really great stuff!

Thanks for the advice Ericsh6, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The first fluid sequence is more or less the appearance I wanted although a higher mesh might make it slightly smoother; for the second one I had lighting and specularity set up but couldn’t seem to get any spec at all to render - need to check my materials and render settings again.

Very nicely done!

I’d say the goo on the trees could do with some work as well… for a start it seems to stick out a good 30cm from the trunk of the tree.

Also, I think you went a little overboard with the colour correction making everything purple… un-colour-corrected footage would look more … documentary. Then you could put it on you-tube as a ghost-siting, which, a freind pointed out to me, tend to get massive hits, even if they’re the most blatent fakes. This is a seriously skilled fake. Just an idea.

But - very good, yeah!

Accidental double post… sorry.