They Were among us.

Vacation on the beach is over guys… time to return to the mothership!!

The alien’s eye looks really bizzare (at least I think it’s its eye.) The lighthouse also needs some more work.

Maybe the alien’s eye is supposed to be that way?

Oh… That’s supposed to be a hat? :-?



WHAT ALIEN, do you mean the rock with the hat on it :smiley: :smiley:

Ken :o

Good work by the way!

i like the hat. nice work, but i think the textures need some work.

Yeah… I kinda rushed this into finished state.

The foreground is alright, but the lighthouse looks very flat. and it looks like there’s no glass on the tower. Fog effect is nice, but too pink/purple. doesn’t look very ominous or threatening if that’s what you intended. i would go for a grey-with-little-blue. maybe a cloud procedural in the background, mixed in with the blend background… or maybe just ditch the blend background.

yeah… in short it sucks… :stuck_out_tongue: i just wanted to get this one out of the way so i can work on my better blends lol.

nice but it lacks color and excitment, this is my personal oppinion though, im just an exciting colorful type of person.

Happy Modeling

I don’t see no alien… anyway ,…the lighthouse looks flat…that needs some work … generally a lighthouse stands next to the sea…in this case I’d have to guess the sea is at the right down corner… since it’s not seeable…you’d have to make the seeable surroundings more ‘ocean’ compatible…