Thick Cloth simulation for Unity

Hi there!
I have pretty frustrating character for animating. Creature that has well skirt… I guess I can call it like that. And it’s going to be used in Unity.
Thickness does not allow me to use unity cloth and Obicloth asset… is or too hard for me or it’s broken I don’t know.
Any other ideas? Simulate it inside blender with mesh deform modifier and export tons of obj and import as shape keys ?(tons of work and i have seen threads where people failed at doing this) Megafiers asset?
Exporting animation cathe?
Then animate shapekeys clean it to make it loop and export ?
I am using dynamic bone asset in unity that works well if I set it up properly. But I have no idea how to set up bones to make weightpaiting work the best way. I could even bake simulation into bones in blender if i could rig it properly.
Really I would ask artist to redeasign this skirt but I want to be sure there is no other way.

Maybe my tutorial may help you!

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