Thick outlining

Hi, all!

I have problem with inverted faces.

I want to create some carton film with thick outlining.
I created some objects in cover made by inverted faces. It look good in viewport with textured shading:

I turn on zInvert in black material and zTransp in white material and if I render it, i get result, which doesn’t suit me:

Outline is behind the objects, but I want to get outline around the objects.

I tried to use Z Combine and Dilate/Erode, but didn’t get a good result

What can I do?

Did you try Edge Rendering? Output Panel of the Rendering Subcontext of the Scene Context.
Enable Edge, and set your settings in Edge Settings.

Of course, but Edge Rendering make narrow outlining (I want 30-50 px) I try to use Dilate/Erode, but it make outline with changeable width…

I made it!

Stroke Over Fill