Thick Smoke with Scattered Solids

My first video tutorial for thick smoke using spheres, SSS, particles, and composite nodes. Hope you like!:smiley:

Nice, thanks :slight_smile:

On a similar effect that I tried (didnt get it anywhere near as good as yourse tho’). I rotated the displace texture so that it moved around the smoke volume. This stopped the smoke mesh looking like it was being passed through a distortion field.
Great tut, thanks.

Nice! Thank You;)

It looks really nice, thanks padfoot7726!

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: Glad my first tut went pretty well.

Slowing it down a little wouldnt have hurt :ba:

Great tutorial though :slight_smile:

Another tutorial without a BLEND file. Can someone who did the tutorial post the BLEND file?

Here. smoke.blend (400 KB) It’s not the exact same as the target in the video, because I don’t have that file anymore.