Thicken cylinder walls?

I am new to blender, but I’ve been using photoshop for over 15 years. I thought there would be something similar to grab on to from Photoshop and make learning Blender easier, but no; nothing.

Anyway, I’m trying to add thickness to cylinder walls. A tube if you will. The end result that this object is a part of will be manufactured, so setting a dimension to the walls would be great.

Any recommended text tutorials to get me going in that direction? I ask for text because I just don’t do well with video tutorials on any subject. I need to read to comprehend. It seems Blender is all video, or I haven’t found the right place to learn.

Thank you!

You could add a Solidify modifier to your object.
There you can set a specific thickness value. If you want to further edit your object you may have to Apply this modifier with the Apply button. This will turn the modifier geometry into real geometry you can then play with.
To ensure this thickness is correct ensure you clear the scale of your object by selecting it in object mode and use Ctrl+A / Scale.

Well that’s about awesome; thank you!