Thickness add on for 3D printing 2.8 vs 2.7

In the previous version I remember when checking for thickness on a model the “thin” faces would show up colored. You could then select different verts to drag around to get it right. In 2.8 it seems this is gone. It will show all of the thin spots, but once you select a face, the others disappear. Is there a way to make this feature of 2.8 behave like 2.7?

After experimenting, it seems the new method is not nearly as good as the old, aka worse. Much worse. You click “thickness,” wait 10 seconds for it to figure it out, then click the “thin faces” button and all of the thin faces appear. If you click a vert or face to drag it around, all of the other thin faces disappear. You have to reclick “thin faces” to see them again, but you don’t know if you got the face you worked on right until you click “thickness” and wait again.
In the previous version you toggled on “mesh analysis” and chose “thickness.” The thin spots appeared and you could modify them and instantly see the results.
Am I missing something?