thickness modifier?

hi im just wondering if anybody has written or there is a built in script that im missin that would make a single plane thicker, would help with alot of things like, modelling cars, clothes, floorboards etc.


The only way to make a plane thicker, if I understand you correctly, is to extrude it so that it essentially becomes a cube.

yh i know that, i been usin blender 4 3 - 4 years lol, jus wondering because it would save alot of time and modeling.

you could try duplicating it with shift-d and then scaling it along the normals with alt-s in edit mode. this will give you a second mesh that is a constant distance away from the first, which is like adding thickness.

Scripts >> Mesh >> Solidify Selection

ah yes,thank you mate il email you later with new tests n errors :slight_smile:

Oh, and just for those not following GSOC development - after the new bevel code (editmode & modifier) is implemented there might be an “offset” and “shell” modifier following shortly. Read and the linked pages for more info on that. And if I’m not mistaken the GSOC stuff should be merged (2.50 codebase) in the following weeks?