Thickness my apple

I want the line of the apple more thick. how can i do that?


thx Bruno

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Select your Curve, Enter Edit Mode, Do a search (Blender) for “Add curve as Bevel”
Use Alt+S to control size.

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Hi, it’s not working also you have a grey line and i haven’t?

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Hi Bruno - you can follow this video to get a customizeable bevel for your curve:

If you want to keep it simple - just turn up the “bevel” value on the right and don’t worry about a second curve.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi thanks, It’s works but is not where i’m looking for. I want to make a cookie cutter. Is there a good tutorial for. I saw two but the first one going to fast and the other mixed two objects and it’s not in 2.8

Both the above answers are actually the same, just different procedures…
For Cookie Cutter…
In Object mode…select your curve…
Object>Convert to>Mesh from Curve…
Select Mesh, Go to Edit Mode.
make sure to select all and Extrude ( X or Y ) to get the cookie cutter shape…

So far so good thx for helping. Can i also make standard object as a profile?
for example: I have made the apple like above and mixe it with the profile like the picture?


Sorry…I don’t know what you are asking…can’t really tell anything from the picture…
Is that for the Handle of the Cookie Cutter?

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Hi, sorry my englisch is not perfect but it is the cross-sectional shape of the cookie cutter.
I saw a youtube video

He used it to form the cutter.

Ahhh, Now I understand, Yes that is somewhat simple to do…
I actually make the profile, extruding a single vertex in edit mode, then in object mode, Object>convert to curve…just a bit better for making the shape and not having to try and do it with bezier curves…

Remember that it need to point in the direction you want it to extrude in.
Select the Bevel Object 1st then shift and select the Apple…

Under the Curve Tab…>Geometry > Bevel >…then the amount of bevel and resolution and the Bevel object…

Cookie.blend (549.1 KB)

Thx for the info. The next question and and i’m sorry for it.
Can i save the profile as a standard item so i can pick it from a library?

Sure, that’s possible…
I would just save just that profile moved to its own collection and name the collection something like Profiles…then after you save the Blend file you can use APPEND from the file menu, and go to the Profiles collection and import that collection…and you got it…in fact you could do a bunch of them and save them all like that into a single collection, then append and have a group to pick from.

I saw in your blend file, your circle is a mesh did you convert it from mesh to curve?
And why? pff i’m so a newbee


I made it, i think can you see if i did it correct?

greetzappel1.blend (547.4 KB)

No…it is a curve, both objects, the apple as well as the bevel object have to be curves for it to work. Your file and mine are almost the same.

In my first example, yes I converted the curve to a mesh, using the “add curve as bevel”, as we thought you just wanted the curve to be thicker, not for a cookie-cutter.

I checked your file and yes it is GOOD! You might want to scale the bevel object down on the X-axis, so that it is not so thick, as well as blunt the tip a little so it is not as sharp, ( just thinking about this being 3d printed, which I believe you intend to do? Yes?

Yes indeed i want printed it. Thx for helping me.

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Glad I could help!!

Now you just need to add a leaf off the top and voila, apple cookies! :wink: :wink:
Have fun with your Blends and printing!

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