thickness of a shape


I have a problem :confused:.

I have mod a shape and now i need to add a thickenss. I have try using bevel or solidify script (edge one) but the result is not good.

in the image there is an example!

The shape is more complex:

thanks a lot!

Francesco Wiseman

You may need something like this:

Complicated shape (well, just a bent tube.)
In Edit Mode, Select All, Extrude>>Region then Escape without moving anything.
Then press Alt S, which will scale along normals, or “Shrink/Fatten” the mesh.
Scale in a little, and you get this.

As you can see here
it’s not a perfect solution, but the tweaking needed to straighten out the ends is minor.

Select all the vertices. Press Shift+F. Then only extrude. Alternativly press Alt+F for beauty fill. Ctrl+N for recalc normals.

Your best bet is to use the Mesh->Scripts->Solidify Mesh script (works on selections - dunno why it doesn’t help you in your case?). It might not be available in all blender versions though, in this case just search for it inthe forum/wiki and place it in your scripts directory.

And i for myself hope this is added as a modifier sometime in the future as well :wink:


Thanks to all!!!

I’ve try with the Orincoco suggestion and finally I’ve done my profile!! :D:D:D

Thank to all very much!