Thieves3D. Open movie project.

Hi everyone. We are glad to introduce new open movie project Thieves3D.

Pre-production phase of the movie is going to end soon and we are going to lunch at full speed production phase.

Here are some info about our short animation movie:

  • Approximate duration is 1 minute and 30-45 seconds.
  • Movie is about two professional thieves and diamond.

I am introducing you Cliff:

And his friend Jojo:

They are very good friends with different ways to deal with every case they have in their career of a professional thieves.
We have finished final version of a script for the movie and doing storyboards. In two weeks, storyboards going to be ready and we will need your help to move on to the next phase(production). Currently, there are 4 people working on the project. 2 animators and riggers, 2 modelers and VFX artists. So right now we lack of good hands that can paint awesome locations for our short animation project. Also we need good modelers, because amount of work is huge.
We understand, that we have no chance to make big project, but, we have decided to start from something small, but without your help, it will be just another open movie project that will be doomed to be somewhere lost in the internet.
If you can contribute to the project some of you time and do some tasks, it will be the best investment for us.
Ofcourse, every person, that will make even a little tiny object for the scene, will be included in the titles of the movie.

Looking for:

  • 2d artist
  • 3d modelers

So if you interested in the project, you can mail us or write to skype. Don’t forget to attach some of your works and write at what area of 3d you are working.
[email protected]

We are trying to record as much videos of us working as we can. So here you can watch some of them:

Below you can find some videos of our previous works, so you could get general feeling of our level in 3D:

Nice work Chekollan. I really admire your professionalism which is a nice change around these parts when asking for volunteers :slight_smile:
Are you by any chance looking for compositors?

Some of us have experience in VFX and compositing. We will try to compose first shots, when they will be getting ready, and if we will not be able to achieve good quality, we will know who to call:). We will note you, and if something comes up, we will let you know.

Thanks chekollan, that would be great. If you also need someone to do fluid simulations, I would be more than happy to help although I don’t have as much experience with fluid sims as I do compositing. I use Realflow for such tasks.

Please keep me in the loop should anything come up!

Sure :yes: !

hi when will my part in the work start?

as i will be busy with my high school results i won’t be here for the next 3 to 4 days.

so thats why i m asking!

Next one and half week we will be busy making storyboards and layout to block thing out in order to know, what needs to be done for every scene. We can’t afford to spent time on things, that will not be included in the movie. So for now, you can work on your school results. We will let you know, when something will be ready, so you could make some models.

whats the progress?

how is the storyboarding going on?