Thigh bones moving on their own, help

So this is how my thigh bones are setup.

I can setup one frame of animation fine, but if I move away from that frame the 2 thigh bones move. Sometimes up, sometimes down. I’m really struggling to find my problem. Any ideas? It seems it’s actually transforming the bones, but I don’t know why or how.
Notice here how the green one goes down and the red one goes up. It’s not always like this, sometimes the green one is fine, sometimes it goes up as well. :eek:

Thank you for any help.

Without actually seeing the .blend file, diagnosing this problem is really difficult. Are you using IK’s on the legs? Perhaps you haven’t set the chainlength value on the IK constraint. If it’s left at zero, it has an influence all the way up the entire chain. By limiting it to, say, 2, it should only have an influence on the leg chain you want.

goblin_peonBroken.blend (540 KB)
I just new someone would say that, as I always say that lol. I can’t share the model but I removed it and it’s just the rig. IK constraint is set chainlength. Thanks for replying, and here is the blend of the rig.

It would have been useful to see the rig with the key framing issue you mentioned in the original post. Off-hand, I can’t see any glaring issues with your leg rig (though I’d recommend using the pole target feature of the IK constraint rather than setting up two IK constraints in the leg chain). Sorry to ask this, but could you provide a .blend with the keyframing issue in it (or give us explicit steps to reproduce it on our own)?

Move a bone (I choose SpineControl)Insert a keyframe for all bones, drag the timeslider. That’s all you have to do to mess up the legs. I will use the pole target, but it still has the same problem. Thanks again.

I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to replicate the issue. What kind of keys are you setting? I was working with LocRot and couldn’t get it to misbehave.

Did you select everything, then key? Or just one bone? I select all bones then key. Normally a LocRotScale But I can reproduce with LocRot as well.

Yup. Selected all bones and inserted LocRot keys.

What version of Blender are you using? Is it the official 2.57b release or a release from graphicall? If the latter, what revision is the build?

2.57.1 r36339 This is crazy. LOL Thanks for all the help thus far btw Fweeb.

Alright… let’s do this. Take the file that you already posted (rig only, no mesh) and do the process you’ve described where the error happens. Then save the file and upload it. I’ll see if I have the same problem on my side.

brokenrig.blend (662 KB)
Ok here you go. thanks again.

I’m sorry… I still can’t reproduce the issue you’re seeing. Perhaps try a more recent build?