thing that really get you angry!

i have alot of things thet makes me get angry in some humens. here are some of the most angriest things thet makes me angry:
1.raceisem(i dont know how to write it right)but it like natzithem but against blacks easterns and the diferants(sorry for my english:o im from israel)
2. noisey pipols ,i think they are’nt smart so they coverong it by alot of bulshit and noise.
3.pipols thet looking on your outside and not on your inside, you know… on your look and not on your soul.

i hope to know what makes your angry about humans!!!
see ya

People who can’t spell or take the time to write out a post in decent English.

(sorry for my english:o im from israel)

That say’s alot. So why are you being so hard on the poster?

It really does annoy me. :confused:

I HATE the your/you’re and there/their issues…

That’s not fair valarking.

I think racism and bullying are stuff that make me angry. Also that there’s stuff for example on tv (and other) on the afternoon (generally too early) that isn’t suitable for children, basically too young people exposed to stuff they’re not supposed to be exposed to. Children should be protected from all unnecessary garbage. I’d say USA has a better sensorship than the countries in Europe (at least Finland). Think of your children.

Now your being just silly, and their is no need for that.


People who can’t spell or take the time to write out a post in decent English.

I agree, if the person can speak decent English. If not, then fair play to them, I sure as hell can’t speak any other languages fluently.

Yes, English is kind of standard on the internet and although our isrealean friend does not wield a perfect english, with some imagination you can perfectly understand him. Frankly, if I had to write English but didn’t have the knowledge I have now, I’d have written something similar (I am a natal Dutch speaker).
It’s just his spelling which lacks, his vocabulary and grammar seem quite allright.
About what his thread is actually about, here’s my reply: every individual has their annoying personality traits and humans are, as a whole, indeed far from perfect. But as I say: good is perfect, perfect is impossible. We must be able to tolerate these imperfections, and not get angry because of them. I have already explained my views on this in other (already locked) threads.
And no, it’s not because of me that the threads were locked :wink:


yadin123, you funny guy, aren’t you guys in the middle of a war.:smiley: Don’t you know the love is over, no one loves no one nowdays.

And as far as “isms” go (like racism, sexism, classism). Like Ferris Blueler said all “isms” are bad.

Just the other day, I was at the cop station for a line up. I had to id an Asian dude over a vicious crime, they showed me 21, and they asked which one is it? I said sorry I can’t help you and I don’t mean to be rude, but they all look the same.

People who can’t spell or take the time to write out a post in decent English.

I hope you were kidding too, Social. Cause if you didn’t get my joke… that would be… kinda… sad.

To some people there’s no diffirence between they’re and there or between your and you’re.
Maybe Social is one of them?





Don’t even try humor on the interwebs.

i hate people who are intolerant of other people based on anything except moral value.

and larry the cable guy…

i almost forgot… the dreaded Myspace… UGH!

I’m annoyed by people who spend too much time looking at the spelling of a thread, and ignore the content completely. I know If I were to try posting in another language, I’d make many, many mistakes of that nature.

I’m also disturbed that most people seem to actually enjoy watching other people go through intense pain and/or gruesome injuries

Me Yadin, i hate zionism, it’s funny, isn’t it? :mad:
zionism is the worst racism ever.

You are really arrogants! you are destroying people and you claim yourself being the victims. How damn dare you?
You are humans and you have to learn to live with them, and for that, you have to share and respect.
Don’t you see in this fkn bullshit that you are the cause?
eg:Would you show a doctor for the arm that you broke? I mean, before criticize other, you have to look at all of you.

Damn, fuck all of you and my angry is based on your facts not on the color of your skin, so you have to payback the breakage, absolute immunitie is over!


You are really scorning…

Yes!! MySpace is evil!!

Meltdown, I don’t think he wants a thread full of people bashing his country or the Jews.

Besides I support Isreal and you’re just looking for an argument by calling every Isreali person arrogant.

What makes me angry though is people swearing in half their posts.

I hate when the medias (like the danish Denmarks Radio) favourizes 100% with the palestinean, and when they never tell about Israeli victims and losses. I read news about the middle east many places on the web. Take the new ‘Israeli violation of the ceasefire’-thing. Serious news providers tells 'Israel attacked -this and that- BECAUSE -this and that-, which can cause -this and that-. Denmarks Radio tells it like ‘Israel violated ceasefire. Israel attacked.’ NEVER telling the reason. And it’s properbly the most popular news provider in Denmark.

For example, danish news never told about the many kassam-rockets that was fired from Gaza since the israeli withdraw (was it may 2005). Since then, more than 1000 (!) rockets were fired - I NEVER read about this in danish news. But if Israels shoots BACK - then it’s like ‘attack on innocent’ and so on. When israel tries to defend itself - and news tells it like Israel attacked. THAT’s what I hate! Also because it’s closely connected to anti-semitism (or it IS anti-semitism).
Oh, and ergotherapeuts, who think they know more about me than I do :wink: