Things are not adding up in blender.

I was tracking a shot. I finished the 2d tracking and then solved it. Adjusted some some settings and the solve error is down to .3965 now. about a forth of a pixel, not bad. However when I enable Names and Status as well as 3d Markers I find that the 3d markers do not seem to lie in the 4/10 range of a pixel at all. How can this bee the solve error is 0.3965. Also the camera in the 3d view does not match at all the tracker don’t have their corresponding empties in the right spot.

is it a bug?

That could be that you did not enter the right camera’s parameters before solving. The Camera data from where the shot was taken from must be entered correctly, CCD is very important. I bet your empties are all inside Blender’s Camera when you look at it in the 3D viewport.