Things do not always work out

Hello everyone,
a new piece, a bit darker this time.

Behind the scene
I had just finished modeling a buoy for another project. I gave it some love though, both for the modeling and the texturing, procedural of course.

Making props has become frustrating over time from an artistic standpoint, so I wanted to have something to show at the end of the night, something with a story. Thanks to amazing Blendswap and sketchfab, I quickly had everything I needed for a little scene. Rigging the skeleton, hiding the support of the dead duck and twisting fishes Ian Hubert style, and here we are.

I wanted both reflections and seeing his body through the water, so I had to cheat quite a bit.
I put a transmission surface and a low sun HDRI. You don’t see anything through this, and that’s sort of normal, but does not do my bidding. I decreased the alpha (rhoooooo) and placed a simple volume for the air and the water, with a much higher density for the water, of course. I got the gradient effect I needed.

The image was still dull:

That’s where magic topaz studio come into action, really making this pop a lot, giving it a paintery look and adding details where it lacks.

“Fish” ( by Yimit is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
The duck is CC0 from sketchfab
Bufflehead - Download Free 3D model by Virtual Museums of Małopolska (@WirtualneMuzeaMalopolski) [1453ac7] - Sketchfab
The skeleton is CC0 from Blendswap


Ha Ha! Dark humor, Good work

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It feels a bit braggy, but I think it is worth mentioning to understand social media response.
It made 2500 upvotes on r/blender in Reddit in a day. My next post got 7 upvotes… and the art quality is similar.
Looks like it is the topic and the fact that people can identify themselves with the story that makes it all.
OR you’re famous and everything you do is considered pure gold…

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks Bart!