things i have never figured out.

hi all it has been a wile sence i have posted any thing.
i use blender a lot, and there are things i have wondered about but have never figured out.

i use a lot of materials over and over again. i have to link to them every time i use them in a new project. that is ok. but is there a way to have them all in the default set up? so when get to that point all i have to do is pick them form the list?

same thing with fonts. i have to load them every time i want to use one. is there a way to have them all loaded so i don’t have to lode them every time.

and then meshes. i use a library file for a lot of premade meshes. is there a way to have a few of the most common ones in the add mesh menu?

then on thought about the program, when linking stuff. i would love to see a list pop up with all the objects listed. that is just a thought.

thanks to any one that can help.

Materials - easy. There is a little button that says “F” I believe. Hover over it - it says"Save this datablock even if it has no users". Do it for every material you want to save. Then press Ctrl-U (save scenario, or whatever it’s called). They will be there next time you fire up Blender. But watch out - all of your blender files will have all of the textures used in all of the materials.

The rest, not sure. Sorry.

My suggestion is a workaround, but you can create a starter model file with all the materials, fonts, and meshes in it. And when you start a new model just start from it. But don’t forget to rename it when you save.

for fonts and meshes, best to put them on layer 20, exclude layer 20 from renderlayer, and ctrl-U