Things i like about blender

i like it how blender , thanks me when i login,

Hahahahah That’s so funny.:rolleyes:

You know what I like about BA?

All of you are here! :smiley:

lol firefox is embarrassed

I like how after Yo Frankie! was released tons of 12-16 years olds joined the forum so they could make their own ‘1337’ games but pretty much ended up just spamming the games forum with stupid questions and a lack of grammar, spelling skills, and originality.

On a more serious note,
I used to like how tight the community was and how there were a few ‘BlenderArtist celebrities’ (you know like Super Wu-Man, Sago, the fanboy Modron, CD (haven’t managed to get rid of him yet :stuck_out_tongue: ), and many, many others) but now it just seems a little washed out with all the new users. Not that it’s a bad thing to have more people be apart of the community, in fact it’s really great to see blender catch on, but I can’t help but miss the days when every time you logged on Wu and Sago had a new project and were trying to shove it down CD’s throat if not only for the shits and giggles.

EDITED OUT: My language got watched.

ShnitzelKiller, do try to watch your language.

I don`t see it as something negative. They are the future of our community. Of course there are a lot of spamers that doesn´t provide anything but other part are future blender artists or developers. And usually these are the ones that stay here for the long term. So do not undermine the power of youth :slight_smile:

Aww… we love you too, o Great One! :stuck_out_tongue: