Things I should know - Sculpting?

(Mariusz Sukiennik) #1

Hello there :wave:

Would like to ask 3 questions :smile:
Could anyone point me to a decent Sculpting tutorial? I don’t need anything special, just basics.

How can I constrain the sculpting, so it doesn’t go beyond the, i mean so i don’t accidently push, pull Verts beyond the plane’s border

Kinda not sculpt question, the Camera view in the lower right… How can i disable/hide those annoying GUI/UI, so only the icon to change to something else then 3d View remains.

Thanks for reading, CheeRz :wave:


(Patrik) #2

Only guy that i know is YanSculpts. He has some toturials but i thing the best way to learn sculpting is by getting the fundamentals from tutorial and than just practice over and over. Link to to the tutorial : . Stay creative and have a nice day. :slight_smile: