things i would like to know

heres a list of things i hope you can help me with by either telling me how to do it or giving me a link to a tutorial or whatever to make good gravity i no how to make it normaly but when i add say movent to my guy if i just old forward he gos in a striaght line rather then falling and only moving forward a little bit ( otherwise he can basicly off a ledge as long as you hold forwerd fly)

2.make good enimies that will attack you when you get close to make a guy move from level/scene to level/scene rather then having a new guy in each scene to make and inventory to make a start menu where you can save your game,exit,load, and change the options or whatever to make a main menu where you can access your saved game and load it

J.D. thanks

1, make a collision sensor for the floor added to the movement keys, so he can only mode when colliding with the floor… you can use RAY too, but it is not as good for detection.

2, There are a few books available on doing nice AI. Every game is different so i cant really help you there, you will need to make your own.

3 control L will link the player to as many scenes as you need

4 learn python, and global variables.

5 see #4

6 see #5

have fun :smiley:

you might try looking at blender people

You can easily make a keyboard controlled menu without using any python at all, though you’ll need python for saving and loading. (Hopefully if our requests for a save/load logic brick comes to fruition then we won’t need python)

(Hopefully if our requests for a save/load logic brick comes to fruition then we won’t need python)

A screenshot one would be cool too

There was a thread by MalCanDo who was asking us what logic bricks we would like to see, I assume it meant he would look to adding them because he was starting to develop for the BGE, I wonder what happened to him as of recently?

we need a controller that has a built in time delay =P

I have “developed” an easy kind of artificial intelligence that uses only logic.
All that you need are a character, an enemy, a property for the character, and an attack animation for the enemy.

You do the following:
select the enemy.
add a near sensor with lets say dist 2 and reset at 4.
then add an and controller.
connect the two together and add you action actuator (may have to select armature) and put in your attack action.
add an always sensor, another and cont., and an edit object actuator with “track to” put in your character.
then add an always sensor and put in your enemy’s walking actions, etc.

The forum search tool is very useful. It can help you quickly find answers to many of your questions (they have all been asked and answered many times before).

A quick forum search of the game engine section should show you several ways of making an inventory.

Menus are rather easy to make. Look here for a tutorial:

For save / load, look here:

Save / load, options, and inventory will all probably take a considerable amount of Python programming. Those are advanced features, and you can make perfectly reasonable and playable games without them. If you don’t know Python, then you should either decide to learn it or change your goals. You can do a lot of cool stuff with just Logic Bricks.

I uploaded a little demo. It can really be as complicated as you want with AI, it just takes more logic bricks. (or python)

ok thanks every one i got every down expet load and save menu