Things I'm Thankful for.

With Thanksgiving Day being celebrated this Thursday in the United States, I thought I would take some time to express some thanks.

I am thankful that creative programmers have created Blender so I can play around with modeling 3D images. The fact I don’t really need a super high end computer to run it is a sweet bonus.

I am thankful that Blender is open source because I could not afford to purchase a comparable program. Thanks Ton. I’m looking forward to your next Blender Foundation Movie.

I am thankful that through You-Tube and Vimeo and other web site tools, Blender Gurus such as the folks at Blender Cookie, who know much more than me have taken the time to create detailed tutorials to teach me how to use this program.

I am also thankful for the people on this website who have answered my sometimes dumb questions and otherwise given me suggestions to improve what I do.

Again Thanks.


Whassup soggy! We’re thankful for you too man, thx for sharing. Your blender skills are certainly improving.