Things in 2.40 I can't Do Anymore...

Does anyone know how to do these things in 2.40? I’ve been using 2.37 and these features went away. :frowning:

Alt-B doesn’t do edge loop selecting anymore. What it does is cool, but I kind of need edge loop selecting!

In proportional modifying, the +/- keys no longer change the radius of effect. I can’t find any two keys that change the size of that circle anymore.

In Bone Pose Mode, Alt-G and Alt-R will clear the bone’s grab/rotation, but Alt-S doesn’t clear its scale – instead it affects the bone’s envelope. How, without using the mouse, do I clear a bone’s scale? (Usually you do this when you’re returning the skeleton to the unposed position).

If I want to parent some object, say a hat, to a single bone in the skeleton, how do I do that? I used to have in the Ctrl-P menu a “parent to bone” but now I can only choose “object” or “vertex groups from closest bones.” No way to set parent of a single bone in the armature.

If I load up an old file where an object was child of a bone, it works, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it with a new file.

Thanks, everyone!

By the way, I suspect these are only problems in the Linux version of Blender, since I don’t think these bugs would have made it into 2.40 if they were bugs in the Windows version.

  1. Alt-RMB

  2. PageUp and PageDown or Mousewheel.

  3. All of those only work on Objects in Object mode (not on bones or verts/edges in edit or pose mode even if the popup shows). You can use Undo in Edit mode. I know it’s not what you asked but it’s the only way to get back. Easier is to just reset the bones in Edit mode.

  4. Select the mesh Object, Shft-Select the Armature, goto Pose mode, Ctrl-P, Make Parent to Bone.


Thank you! Sweet. Thanks for answering my n00b questions. :slight_smile:

Is there an updated Hotkey Quick Reference?

Yes, there is:

Many questions should be answered by looking around the other blenderwiki topics.

Thanks for the link. I have problems navigating the wiki site. I follow a link to a subject that looks right, but if it isn’t I often can’t backtrack.