things needed for [p] key to work and not crash blender?

what are the things needed?

i have python 2.3 installed.
i have enough memory.

why does blender crash?

Why is the world so evil?
Why… :slight_smile:

Hello and relax, it’s only 3d
What version of Blender?
What OS?
Have you messages in the console?

im using windows. home xp.

blender 2.37

blender crashes so there are no messages in console.

Hi again

“blender crashes so there are no messages in console.”
He he, it’s a good point, but you know, most people using Linux, first open
a console/xterm and then start blender typping…blender :slight_smile:
And then some messages sometimes appear…sometimes useful even if
blender crash

Using the XP thing…well, try another blender version maybe?
Or upgrade you graphics crad drivers?

I had the same problem in Win mellenium with Blender 2.37. However I upgraded my graphics card drivers & everything’s ok now

i did some experimenting and it works in 2.4 (it doesn’t even need python installed) but not in 2.37a.