things painted in 3d coat are not so good looking in blender


I bought 3d coat and playing with it.

I made model in blender, exported it as fbx into 3d coat, painted it with texture paint, then re-imported the model into blender, and adjusted the uv-texture which 3d coat generated. …I’m not sure is this the right way, anyway,

Texture and material lost its saturation and gloss…and became plainly weird something.

I’m not asking how to import 3d coat material correctly, I’m asking if this is not normal? so I can fix it if I learn the correct way?
OR blender and 3d coat are not so compatible?

I don’t want to bother you with details, I just started using 3d coat, I’ll learn it step by step,

I just want to know if blender is compatible with 3d coat when it comes to workflow.

3D Coat has a viewport based on the PBR graphics paradigm, Blender doesn’t and instead has a GLSL view based on legacy rendering technology (so you won’t have high quality glossy or blurred reflections).

Do you mean importing something painted with 3d coat into blender again is kinda… the results are not so good?
Or they have different methods but still 3d coat painting is useful for blender?

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but blender can’t digest any high quality texture 3d coat created.

Do many people use 3d coat as painter program for blender?

Don’t mix up textures and material. A texture is just a texture whichever piece of software makes it, it makes no difference. The texture is just one part of the whole material. You therefore need to create the material (if using cycles using nodes) and use that texture within that material

Of course I use materials exported from 3d coat. I was talking about color, specular, normal map textures.

Unreal 4 shows good quality though not same quality of which I originally made in 3d coat,

I’ll test cycles and several other thinigs in blender a bit more.

I know nothing about 3D coat, but I know “reference cheat sheets” from some other PBR based packages doesn’t translate at all into Cycles values. I.e. roughness 0.1 (or smoothness 0.9) in a PBR package won’t translate directly into 0.1 roughness in a Cycles glossy shader.