Things to make you yaf your head off

Hullo all,

Attached is a screen cap from a render I did this morning.
I tried to capture my screen to include all the info I felt might help but Im not sure how much scaling down the gallery I use will do so I hope its semi-usable.
Anywho, Ive included the console. The settings below that and the small render window itself showing my odd result.

The render is from the yafray engine built into Blender. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why it mangled some of my scene?

its impossible to say due to the fact that the render window is obscuring your 3d view giving us no point of reference.

Any chance of a better explanation or a wireframe view of the scene?

On a second viewing I assume you mean the parts of the mesh that are rendered darker?

If that’s it then Im not sure.

Uhm ok.

Attached: the image on the top left was done in the basic blender render engine (the blendgine?) and the one on the top right was using the built in yafray engine. Below that is the 3D Window of my camera.

Why is the yaffer destroying my simple textures, and putting those hard, almost cartoony (no Im not using toon shading) black lines on my boxes?

Just out of curiosity how would seeing the wireframe have helped troubleshoot a rendering issue?
I get no funkiness from the blendgine…just the yaffer. The geometry stays the same.

try rendering with the “xml” button disabled.

What does XML stand for and mean in terms of rendering??

edit: And its still giving me the funkiness even with XML disabled

It’s a known bug in yafray 0.07 which appears when using area lights. Check the forums @ for more info. As a workaround, try using another type of light for now.

eyes widen ooooooohhhh ok.
Thanks folks.


An error occurred while loading

Timeout on server
Connection was to at port 80

…third time in a month I’ve had trouble accessing yafray’s page. anyone know what’s up with that?

Yes, this is a bug which has been fixed some time ago, but you have to compile from cvs if you really need arealights. The problem was first mentioned in this thread:
You might also be able to find a more recent compiled version of yafray on the blender testbuild forum, not sure.
Another possibility is to replace the arealights with spherelights (pointlights with radius).

As for the yafray site, yes, happens a lot lately, but I don’t really know the reasons, Luis probably knows more about this. For me, since about a month now, the yafray site also has also become very slow, loading pages takes minutes sometimes.

The Blender test build forum…is that at the Blender.Org site? If so Ive done a search and cant find anything more recent.

Any further word on the Yafray site??

Ill try and rebuild the scene here at home.