Things to watch on the net! No tv!


My satellite will be down for a little while so im out of a tv. So far it as not been too painful. But i been searching the web for LEGAL stuff to watch!

Here’s wath i found:

  • Digital life tv
  • Cranky geeks
  • Cnet
  • MariposaHD
  • PBS
  • CNN
  • ManiaTV
  • Youtubes (and similar sevices)

Do you have any other suggestions?



Haha, take it as a blessing. TV is a waste of time.

Anything Revision3 publishes ( ).

Actually, I only watch 3 of their shows- Diggnation, GeekDrome, and Ctrl-Alt-Chicken, but I’m sure the others are good as well.

Hold on Tight,

(P.S. Diggnation episodes are available at, in case they don’t have them up on the site yet)

Agreed. Though I will admit to the occasional need for an episode of the news, and maybe a ST:TNG in there too…

Ya there are things that I’ll watch from time to time like The Office (brit and american), Family Guy (sucks now), and Robot Chicken (hit or miss).

My family has TiVo and they watch more TV than I do so I just set the stuff up to record and watch it when I have plenty of time.

may i suggest red VS blue i think its pretty funny

Well if you are looking for a bit of retro, you could try:


some good cg work in there.

I agree that TV does indeed suck. My favorite show used to be the Simpsons, but I can’t stand it anymore. The new episodes just suck so much!

I find Mythbusters to be very entertaining though.

You can watch BBC programmes in full online now. If you’re into cars, you might like Top Gear:

I still quite like TV but there’s nowhere near enough decent material on it. In some ways I like that because let’s face it, if it was all good, you wouldn’t do anything else.

What I do these days is use a DVD video recorder to store up shows when I’m doing more important things. Then I always have something interesting to watch when I’m eating.

Thanks for the links guys. I will be checking it out!

I do agree with you that tv is pretty bad since the reality tv craze as it a couple of years back.

I guess i just like to have the noise in the background.
I been running dvd movie lately witout really watching them!


Edit: That is so annoying i cant watch the bbc stuff cause im in canada:mad:

Best advice yet. If documentaries or news were impartial, I’d feel differently. Both are now tainted by ideologies. I always loved PBS and BBC documentaries until they all became sick with trying to convince you to think in a certain way. It’s too bad.

Does it prevent you running it saying you have to be in the UK? It says the service only supports IE (Windows) or Safari (Mac).

If it’s to do with the country, you could try using a free UK proxy server.

It’s only for Uk residents since its our Tv licencing fee paying for the whole thing anyway!.

The other reason is of course due to broadcasting rights. If the IP isn’t a UK address, you’re blocked.