Think before you post

Think before you post.

It seems from time to time people of all kinds feel it necessary to post threads of an unsavory kind. They come about because of shear ignorance. Ignorance of human nature, ignorance of natural reaction to change, ignorance of the language we speak and ignorance of the views you oppose. Because of this we’ve decided to post these simple guidelines on posting new threads and replies thereof in this forum.

Before you engage anyone in or create a new thread about politics, religion, your mothers or any other possibly offensive topics take a moment to review what you said, correct spelling or grammatical errors, and review it’s content for disrespectful remarks or words aimed not only at other members but other human beings around the planet.

I’m not asking that any of you abstain from this forum or any topics therein (if this is what keeps your insults from reaching their intended target then by all means please do), nor am I asking you to abstain from debates of any kind, anywhere; all that I ask is that you are kinder to those around you, that you think before you post. I ask only that you consider other’s feelings.

You may yet convert someone, not because your argument is sound (though this helps greatly) but because you respect those that you consider enemies, in doing so they will listen and respect you. You may not always agree, you may never agree, but in the end you will have taught them and yourself something new: civility.

If you want to delve into the matter further, read any of the following resources:
Netiquette Basics If you’re too lazy, or have little time read this, it’s quick
Netiquette Home Page A service of
Netiquette information from Wikipedia
RFC 1855; Netiquette Guidlines Memo is a product of “Responsible Use of the Network (RUN) Working Group of the IETF”
How To Ask Smart Questions By: Eric Steven Raymond

On a side note: I do not claim to be above this, quite the contrary. This is the chief reason I don’t start those kinds of threads, or reply in a rude fashion to those started already (or, rather, at least I try).

PS: Calling people names is (almost) never justified, it only serves to demean your own character, not that of your “enemy.”

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Well said Dittohead, very well said. I agree with you whole heartedly. Wise to start a new thread instead of attempting to make yourself heard in the midst of that chaos. eyes the ensuing battles beyond Taking steps like these will help to create a more productive environment here at elysiun, as well as not wasting costly server space and bandwidth.

I think a thread like this should be made sticky.

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Well said, but it’s just a fact that this is how forums work.

Theres always someone who won’t agree that , for example, “In the same way I am 100% right in my mind, you are 100% right in your mind.”

Which obviously leads to craziness.

As long as there are forums there will always be nonsense and inspiration.

I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it, I just spoke first.

robdollar, this is true, there always will be, but it’s our job to simply not respond, and only converse with those sane (I mean that in the terms of “sound judement”, not “compus mentis”) enough to engage civil discourse.

fo shizzle yuzzal, in dis’ hizzous, u da’ bomb!

or, uh, well, i agree.

The really sad thing is that even if this thread was a sticky, the people that post nonsense will continue to do so. Maybe this thread could help to ease the idiocy a bit…

Kinda like the “Help us to help you” thread in Blender General…


Well said, hopefully this topic gets as much attention as some of the ‘stupid topics’ that have posted the past few days/week.

I also fully agree with all of the above posts, and would like to add that another of my pet peeves is people that post replys without even reading the entire thread. By the time many of these threads get over 3 pages many of the replies are simply redundant and therefore as you said a total waste of bandwidth. Very few of the multi page threads have more than 1 page worth of usefull replys…

Maybe the latter is the reason for the former. It’s a vicious circle.

@Dittohead: Well said. I hope this thread improves the situation at least a little.

I wasn’t really going to ask this if this thread had more people posting in it, but could we get it pinned/stickied? At least for a little while and see if it makes a difference?

Lets try it then.



I agree with what you are saying, Dittohead.
I would also like to note that the problems which are happening in this forum are at the root of most social problems: intolerance.

As if someone who is causing these kind of problems would care about someone’s post.

Now, maybe if theeth threatened to permaban them and castrate them on the spot…

Yeah some etiquette rules are nice, but they have to be inforced… and slightly more dilligently than has been done in the past.

At least that is, if you want it to work.

There can’t be too much netiqette, after all this is an Artist’s forum. Bitching and conflict promote good art.


lol, I never would have though that there would ever be a sticky in the off topic forum. But, out of all the threads posted here, this one really deserves it.

Thanks Dittohead. Now hopefully I can visit this thread and actully read some threads that arn’t meaningless and stupid. I myself will have to make sure I don’t post any junk as well.

I fail to see what good these threads do. It’s not like people don’t know how to act civil or polite. They choose not to. The internet is a place for freedom of speech and opinion. It therefore allows people to express themselves in ways they feel repressed from doing in daily life for fear of meaningful reprimand like losing a job or alienating family.

The topics that cause grievance seem to be in off-topic. This place (I believe) was designed so that people could put everything not related to Blender, be it crap or otherwise away from people who want to use the main parts of the forum for Blender issues without getting harassed by spam, religion or politics (which I’m sure are pretty much the same thing).

Complaining about peoples’ behaviour won’t make a change because people don’t really mean what they say here, even if they say they do. If people joke about other peoples’ mother, it’s harmless because I highly doubt any of us have really met anyone else’s mother.

Plus, when you restrict people’s behaviour, it leaks into other unwanted areas. Why do you think there’s so much hardcore porn on the internet? It’s because it’s restricted in real life but loads of people want easy access to it.

Also Dittohead, if I am not mistaken, you are not a mod or admin. The people who are employed as such do a very good job as we all know. It is because of them, Elysiun hasn’t descended into anarchy and still allows very good artwork alongside posts from complete morons. That’s more than you can say for CGTalk which is shall we say a bit stifled.