think big (1/12/05: second render posted bottom of page 1)

Update: Please scroll to bottom of page for latest render.

Well this is a concept I dreamt up last night :slight_smile:

think big

Irony of size is intentional :wink: All comments are welcome!

Thanks for viewing,


Wow! I like it very much, the concept is great, and lighting on the elephant is very good. A few crits:

The camera angle means it’s kind of difficult to see the second tusk, as it connects with the white background in line with the trunk. I’d just shift the camera the tiniest bit.

The elephants texture seems soft somehow to me, like really soft velvety fur. Not sure why that is. I think it’s the way the yellow light falls on it, seems kind of dappled.

The shape of the ears seems slightly out as well.

hey nice job, try some different textures for the rocks but other than that, great job.

You’re images continue to impress. You are a brilliant modeller, and you have truly mastered some material techniques. But if I may, I’ll add a crit regarding your use of text in your images: It’d be so much nicer if there wasn’t some huge text saying the image name right in your eyes. Please scrap the ‘fancy’ text, it makes it look very cheap. Your work is too good for it.

Very nice, all well modeled

good point, much nicer if there was only say, size 10 font, text down one of the corners. good work though

was it a lucid dream, haha (i’ve been having some of those too lately).
very nice work on the elephant model, how long did that take?

nice job dude!

Looks nice! the elephant could use a little variation on the textures…wrinkles, etc…

well done mate

can you do a nice big render of it so i can use it as wallpaper. BEAUTIFUL as usual robertt

aquaglow: Thanks for taking the time to post some helpful feedback! I redid the skin texture a bit (I’ll be posting an update below), although the elephant is part of a “bigger” project, where eventually I’ll get to pay more attention to the texture and mesh for closer renders for (unlike this piece) more photoreal results.

icefront: Thanks! I revisited the steps, as you’ll see in the update below. I wanted more variation, so I think the second update nails pretty much the varied wear I wanted on the stones.

Monkeyboi: Thank you very very much Monkeyboi :slight_smile: I know what you mean about the fonts. I have deliberately avoided that sort of thing in most cases, although in this particular case I was going for a poster type concept where the lettering sometimes gets big. In the update I’ll be posting below I tried something else with the wording and kept it much simpler :wink: I really appreciate the feedback! These are EXACTLY the types of helpful independent observations I hope to hear when I post work here, so I appreciate everyone’s time and try to honor that interest with further effort whenever possible.

Kansas_15: Thanks!

Wu: Haha, more like a daydream. It’s funny how images assemble in the mind :slight_smile: Blender’s workflow is so streamlined these days, it’s like “if you can imagine it you can build it” given enough effort. The elephant is in his early stages, and it’s something I plan to work on some more. This one came together pretty quickly, about an hour, but the real elephant I want to make for another render will take much longer and will be much higher poly.

Cativo: Yes, I totally agree about the variations. Displacement attempts for this scene were very unsatisfactory, but I will address that in the next elephant model :wink: Skin textures were revised some more in the update I’ll post below.

Headcheese: Thanks! I think the orientation for this may not work out so well for wallpaper purposes, not only because of the verticality of the piece but also the camera settings. The lens in this piece is at 14, so if I attempt to widen the image it would be mostly sky (really bright!), but you never know. I might try something if I get the chance. In the meantime, the update below is a fairly high res jpeg, so if you don’t mind it floating in the center of your desktop you’re welcome to try it as wallpaper :wink:

Update coming up…


  • UPDATE *

Here is the new render

Hope you like it :wink:


I can see the improvements! Nicely done!

I don’t seem to be able to see the update, or even the original picture. Is your image server working ok robert?

I’d just like to add I’ve generally felt the same way as Monkeyboi about some of your works, with the loud text covering everything. But this update, however, is fantastic. It’s 100x more sensitive, elegant and classy. Well done!

Yep, update is great!