Think gmail gives a lot...try 1TB!!!

dude now come on! 500mb attachments… thats like an anime episode

completely stupid.
imagine they just have 2000 users…
well it’s 2000 terabytes. and this is **** huge for a free service. And keep in mind 2000 user is a small userbase compared to other mail service.
and the transfer they need to feed these server. ouch.
I’ m a bit septical about that service

Sweet! It’s a 1TB spam factory! Sign me up.

gabio do the math. 2000 users would use perhaps 500Gb max

i havea g-mail account and have only… 0 Mb in it.

the principal works on average amounts of useage.

Also G-mail sotres every single piece of e-mail you get and has a perminent record of your activities. this means that they can perfectly profile each and every user. and target ads to them with high precision.


I said that it myadmin brain.
Of course it will not flow 1 tera by acount right now.
But you have to think it could happen. and if it become very popular they will run crazy to buy a lot or hard drive or any other network disk they got

I don’t know why anyone would need even 100MB of storage for emails. The only emails that are over 100Kb are usually spam or attatchments. One gigabyte is rediculous, a terrabyte? That’s insane. But thanks for the link, someone might find it useful.

send email to yourselft and use you mailbox as a storage…

Uh, speak for yourself, I beg to differ. I’m using well over 60% of my gmail account right now.

You are using 600 MB for EMAILS? Do you send a LOT of attachments, or are you EXTREMELY social?

Kind of a combination.

Well… sorry if I sounded too extremist. Some people would need a lot of space.

I know I use my gmail to store files I get from my friends and stuff cuz we do alot of digital art and stuff.

Also good for saving pr0n if you don’t want your parents to find it on your computer


oh man that saving porn parn is funny…, but good idea!!!


LOL, many cool aideas. But i done need to hide my pron

I cant see using a service whose webpage has terrible grammer and puncuation.

kick ass comment!

If you spend your time UPLOADING all your porn onto your e-mail address instead of just burning it on a cd, you’re a friggen moron. This goes with other large files too :smiley:

to be proper, its spelt “pr0n.” If we’re going to be juvinal, we ought to do it right, eh? :wink: