Think it's too late to enter the Blender World Cup?

I haven’t been active on these forums for a long time, but just yesterday I was doing some modeling for a movie project I’m working on (more about that later in a different thread, maybe), did a Google search on how to create wires using bezier curves, ended up here, and saw the banner at the top of the page. And now I’m excited! :smiley:

One thing that seems encouraging is the fact that there’s only about 40 entries so far, and about half of those have been given up on already. But a lot of the entries nearing completion are really good!

And I also see that there’s only ten days or so remaining. Think that’s enough time to make something worth submitting? I’d probably be able to devote somewhere between 15 and 40 hours to this, if I really set my mind on it.

And then if I do enter, I’ve got a couple other questions, too. Does the story being portrayed need to be original? Or could you base it on a scene from a book? And to what extent can you use 2D images in your creation? Is it permissible to include a background image of, say, mountains in your piece?

Either way, I’ve got a few different ideas already. Let me know what you guys think, and I might enter, yet!

don’t count on there being little competition. I bet lots of people (like me!) are developing their entry “in secret” :evilgrin:

Heheh, true, true. :yes: Do you think it’s too late to start something yet?

yes, it’s too late! don’t enter!!

less competition for me muahahaha…

I don’t think that it’s too late, but you probably won’t be able to create a very good entry in just 9 days.
It’s your choice though.

Sometimes a simple scene with lowpoly models that was modeled and rendered over a night can be good enough. If you just manifest some feelings in it, or make something that will make people step into your world - that would be success and I think you could win.

Anyway, this is not mine style. I like hundred thousends of vertices in a scene and render times longer than eon ;).

I think, that you should concentrate on something simple and efficient.

hey, last year I made my entry in less than a week and got 3rd place. So it’s definitely not too late! Just remember that postpro is encouraged, so use it to your advantage.

Alright, I think I’ll go for it! :slight_smile: Is using a concept you didn’t come up with out of the blue yourself (such as a scene based on something from a book) permitted, does anyone know?