Think of life

Hello guys !
This is a personnal project i made in Blender 2.71 and rendred with Cycles, post processed with the blender compositor and Gimp.

I called it think of life, because it peacefull, but also makes us think that our lives will one day or another come to an end, and we have to THINK aabout that :wink:

Hope you will like it !

It’s a really beautiful scene! The lily pads needs to be a little more organic-looking I think, and I definitely think that the vignette is taking away from the picture(not every picture needs a vignette, and this is one of them), but I like what you made here. Nice work! :slight_smile:

Really pretty :slight_smile: I do think this benefits from a vignette, but it’s way too sharp and too strong here. It’s one of those things you shouldn’t be able to see, just feel it.

i agree with the lily pad comment but apart from that, this render really touched me, felt very personal and very emotional :') The most beautiful thing i have seen in a long time… may i use it as my desktop background? :stuck_out_tongue:

HI guys thank you for your comments this is really encouraging !
Sorry for my delayed reply, i was kinda busy :slight_smile:

I agree with the lily pads too !
Yes @GirlRacer64, you can use it :wink: