(PILER) #1

uh here one of my first lightflow tests… what u guys think?

*the bg is photoshop

(scrappy) #2

nice, i wish i new how to work lightflow

(S68) #3

Cool start, me too loves LF


(rixtr66) #4

cooooool,how did you get the sky background?


(PILER) #5

the sky backhround is just a photoshop plugin i found that makes skies

(Detritus) #6

Good! Very pink! :stuck_out_tongue:

(TheHobbit) #7

Its ok but the lack of a way into the car presents a small problem unless you bash in the windshield!

(bg3D) #8

I think I got a tummy ache. Can I chew on your car? :wink:

(PILER) #9

there is no lack of a way in… the windhield opens like a door (in my imagination anyway)