Think the reflection's right this time...........

(sonix) #1

Have I got the hang of the Env Map ‘Empty’ positioning yet?

I don’t think the middle section of land is reflecting correctly. :-?

Feedback is most welcome.

(May take a while to display the image but please be patient.)


(S68) #2


i like it more thamn the moonset (moonrise?)

Your ref is strange :o

The left half of the immage is definitely right.

In the right part the foremost peninsula is not reflecting at all!

If you want, post the .blend, we’ll take a closer look.


(BgDM) #3

Nice. The reflections look all correct, ewxcept for the front right portion of the land. That little jut out in the front right is not being reflected at all for some reason. Very strange how the rest is correct and that little section is not.

What is the resolution for your envmap? Maybe that has something to do with it?

I am with Stefano, post the .blend file and we can take a look at it.


(sonix) #4

Thankyou for your help. How do I post the .Blend file. Via these posts or attached to an email.


(BgDM) #5

You can post it here, or send via email. Which ever is easier for you.