thinking about a job in cg

hey all at the moment im 14 years old so iv got a few years but i was wondering if i could get a job in cg graphics/animation if i created a demo reel where would i find a company that is local enough to work there iv looked on the net and yet iv had no luck any idea’s?


have you tried i did, but i live way far away from any good jobs, heh
Also unless you want to be like a game tester or something theres not much you can do without a college degree, unless your demo reel was really something to be admired by everyone

edit- im 16, so i’ve got a little while too

no i havnt tried that site, what colloage degree would i need?

depends on what exactly you want to go into. chances are whatever company you look at will tell you what you need to have, and you can use that as reference.
I know theres stuff about all this at different colleges sites, for example

I hear ITT tech has some stuff too as well as the Art Institute
I really hope you’re in the US, cause i dunno about places anywhere else :-?

thanks i will check those out, im in the UK


Finding out about how people in the industry got there is a good place to get ideas from. maybe not quite cg, but still relevant - Nick Park:

One thing to remember … in the “planning ahead department” … is that by the time you finish school thousands of hopefuls more-or-less just like you will have done the same. There will be many times more applicants clutching certifications and degrees, than there will be jobs to fill.

… At least, in Hollywood and/or its UK equivalent.

Games might, by that time, be churned out by barely literate islanders in the South Pacific where they work for coconuts.

So, you’ll need to be very creative and inventive in your search, particularly looking for something besides Hollywood and “game companies” as a potential market for your work. There are plenty of possibilities, and you will distinguish yourself simply by having the creativity to think of some of them. The best job-hunting resource you can have is not the classifieds (or its internet equivalent): it is the phone book.

You will also need to be very well-trained. Forget the dream of not-finishing-high-school or not-finishing-college and being snapped up by Steven Spielberg Himself because of your Amazing Skill. By the time you finish your training, it will be a buyer’s market.

And, strange as it may seem, don’t let these words discourage you. If you want to do CG, then by all means do it and let nothing distract you. Particularly do not let illusions distract you. Most markets have more sellers than buyers, no one ever owed you anything in this world, and “to he who hustles go the spoils.” For every product ever produced, including talents as a CG artist, there is also a salesman. In your case, that will be “you.” Plan accordingly, and good luck.

P.S. Get much beter at speling…

any idea’s?

yes. begin by placing periods at the end of your sentences.

then, turn out a demo reel. Then, you need to get your name out there. A good way to do this is to build a website containing your portfolio.


you could post in the Artists looking for Hire thread on

You’d be amazed how many companies that did’nt know they needed a
in-house 3d artist…

…until you show them why they need one.

I was just going to create some mascot’s for a company’s products,
guess what - I ended up doing full-time 3d with Blender and even
having a evening job as a teacher (that’s 2 jobs!)

There are simply so many companies that don’t know what
“graphics wizards” can do for them…so you’ll have to show them
(that is if…you can…and feel up to it, thats requirement no. 1)

Most companies just hires and “ad-company” to do their ads.
And these “ad’s” cost a FORTUNE. Probably way more than
it’d cost to hire one of us for a year. Tell them the benefits of
having a “all-round” graphician at hand that can do marketing plots,
letterheads, cards, business-presentations, prototype project-visualization
and ALL that for just ONE of the costs they’d have for just ONE ad?..
…I bet many companies will find that SO hard to resist.

…but you must be good to pull it off…no experience…no job, get experience…lower the price.

Infact why not apply JoOngle’s idea to your school. For instance, if you do biology, you could make a neat 3D model of an eyeball, complete with a flythrough animation. (Biology subjects lend themselves to models and animation.) Or whatever catches your imagination.

In a few years time when you come to apply for jobs, it’ll look good on your CV.

Just a thought