Thinking about designing a game

Sorry I realized that this isn’t the best place to look for help

You might want to read this thread before people start breaking out the flamethrowers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a Loser we have. What this simply means is FPS and “never done before” simply does not mix. FPS is about gun-run. The only thing you can change is which guns, who to shoot and the time frame. So unless you have a solid game idea ( and FPS is not one ) then you won’t get far especially not against the big players in the market tossing out the same lame FPS crap year after year. Aim for a niche product which the AAA companies don’t thrive for and then you have a winner at hand otherwise not.

You probably should put this in the General Discussion forum, not WIP.
Also, if you’re thinking about doing something as ambitious as a full-blown game, you should probably find people you actually know personally to help you with the project, not strangers… and if you think it’s something that will sell, you’re going to need a lot more than one person for story creation.

ya, dude dont mean to burst your bubble but i highly doubt that a couple of random forumposters you’ve never met are going to be able to make this game for you, especially if you think you can sell it. Have you thought about the cost to produce a game? And the amount of time it takes for massive companies like EA to program/write/design/test etc a game? You are one person looking for volunteers. Not trying to be discouraging, just realistic. It also might be a good idea to work on some smaller games before you go for a full blown “blockbuster” game