Thinking about making a game, not sure which genre to choose.

I’m thinking about making a proper full length game, possibly commercially, but I’m a bit torn about which way to take it. I have a concept for the world and basic story line as well as a key number of details regarding how to implement most features but I am torn between making the game a sort of Uncharted/Tomb Raider action adventure game or a Final Fantasy esque RPG.

I’d like to doccument my process in a teaching by learning way similar to the process diary so I decided to try and get a bit of feed back from the community to see which style I should lean towards. I’m not the most talented blender head but I have quite a bit of experience with game creation and design. I’ve been making games since I got Klick&Play on my old PC when I was about 9. I do know the task that I’m undertaking and the amount of work it will require. I’ve never made an RPG before but I’ve done a bit and I have made 2D action/adventure titles.

At the moment I’m leaning towards RPG because it would be a lot simpler to do in terms of programming but it would probably require a lot more writing and character development. This juxtaposes with an action adventure title which would be easier on the pen but require more environment and scripting work.

Basically which would people prefer or should I go hybrid? I could make an action RPG I guess but I’m not sure if realtime combat as opposed to turn based is feasible at the moment for me. That said, I am in this to learn.

Any suggestions would be very helpful!

This has me interested 'cause of how mature the approach sounds!

RPG requires a lot of logic and numerical work. The style uses ratios, random numbers, comparisons and timers to create the experience. The basic concept revolves around some key player “values” such as dexterity, strength, stamina, intelligence and a few others. From there, more complex values are derived, such as attack speed, magic use speed, chance of critical hit, etc.

There’s usually a “status ailment” or “buff” system, whereby singular effects are placed on the character that affect one or more of it’s values.

The tradeoff for this numerical work is very little focus on dynamics; you do not need to do much more than basic animations. The rest is extremely heavy logic and strong organization of events.

Action adventure has multiple categories, primarily based around the perspective. First person, everyone knows. The most common weapon is a gun. While you do need to organise the weapon values, the hardest part of an FPS game is dynamics and interaction. Usually the only part of an RPG that follows over is a health bar- with greatly simplified operations at that.
As you want a learn-by-doing approach, my FPS template might not be the best solution, but I can answer ANY questions about it’s internals.

It simulates the hard parts of an FPS game. Weapons dynamics are not complete yet, most else is.

A third-person game is probably the combination of RPG and FPS; because there isn’t as much dynamics simulation (beyond running and jumping), it uses more complex numerics and will likely introduce the concept of “items” and an inventory, brought from RPG.

You should really just choose which one you want to do the most. This is what games are about; what you want to create. You can combine any elements of these genres, or create your own, and there are of course many other genres than these.

Edit: I just realised how stupid that sounded after re-reading your post. Sorry, I’m used to informing newbies, ><

Don’t worry, I found your post informative. I hadn’t considered ailment states to be honest! I think I’m going to try and combine the two genres but put a twist on it. I am going to do a few tests in hack and slash combat (I don’t really want guns or at least not too many).

If I can’t get good reaction times, button combos and collision working then I’ll go back to turn based combat.

I am thinking of using templates for education on how to put this all together so I will check out your template, thanks for the link. I have been following Cray’s template as well and it has many features I’d like to include. The platformer movement to begin with.

I’m running out the door so I can’t post properly but thanks for the response, I was expecting something along the lines of “Baw!! ur teh n00b and cant makex a gmae!! Mak a maze game instead” (I’ve already made maze games, it’s time to move on to much higher things.)

Make the game you would enjoy.

The joy of seeing something you love come into creation is what will keep you moving forward. Making something in the genre you know really well will keep you moving in the right direction. Knowing what would be cool in the genre that you haven’t been able to play in another game yet will make it creative and original.

Oh and strive for world peace, fulfilment and happiness while you’re at it. :wink:

I’ll make a game for me don’t worry. It’s just that since it is going to be documented in an informative way I wanted to test the waters to see if I should sway my opinion a bit. It’s still early days though, I’ve to get past my end of year exams before I can focus on this for the summer. I’m at most in the planning to plan phase. I’ve to decide the order and how to present my work.

I also hope that MakeHuman releases a version that can export rigged meshes soon because I’d love to use their HQ models for the FMVs. I’d like to do Final Fantasy esque ultra HQ FMVs and play them with the VT plugin.

I’m starting this at a great time for the BGE since it’s getting crazy improvements as of late (GLSL, VideoTexture, LOD & Culling, Advanced shaders…)

I’ll be done by lunch time =D

I would go for an RPG, FPS, SideScroller or supersmash kind of game =). But personally I would chose RPG