thinking about to open a small online CG studio

Hi All,
am thinking about to open a small CG online studio (2-3 people) within next 6 months. Am still in the process of learning Blender - but with the work comes also experience. Online because of I think that online can work also good + because of the money of course.
Slowly would like to make a nice web, place portfolios, make nice demoreel and start to get some jobs (online or where we live). And then we will see. Of course that what will be earned will be friendly divided. I can offer "smal"l capital (that might cover web, cd’s, marketing material,…). maybe we can just create images that would be for free, that would have some message to save the world,…;)…it would be a really open idea studio.
My main idea is to start slowly do what I/we really want to do.
And because of I think and experiencing that I currently can not do this by my own (am working as a programmer) I need 1-2 people that have the same plans and ideas that I mentioned before.

That is very brave indeed !
Good luck for your projects !

thats the exact thought which came to my mind some time ago perhaps we can form a cross continental studio although our capital would be limited for now as i am unemployed at the moment but i strongly suggest everyone interested lets get together form a online bussiness where who ever gets projects uploads the ideas and than all each of us work on the project rendering a final product and than we equally subdivide the profits (possibly donate if we make huge profit) seems good enough to me wed be abel to say that our cg studio spans across the globe and slowly wed gain credit off course wed have to proof ourselves to be worth the credit :cool:

I consider my self to be a composite and vfx guy
(rough outline)
so basically i,m interested heres the plan

basic structure


  1. create website
    2)submit pic of your self and name (as proof of authenticity)
    3) allocate job description sought groups (modler,special effects,gameprogrammer etc)
    4) create a demo reel stunning ones 4 different geners( 2d,3dcartoon, reallife effects(cloning, compositing etc) +webdesigning

       5)allocating a system of division upon work load(something like that)

ok so know first things first register your interest

current list (2 members ++) :cool:

There is always lot to learn in blender but basic skills are required before commercializing. I have similar plans but quite often there have been quiet seasons in the learning process. Easy looking tasks turned to overwhelming fights against blender. After the tricky part there will be some painful re-learning to refresh all the skills you have learned. Even that is no expertise level or fluent working, but rather a very uncertain situation whether there is really opportunities to make money. You have to have an idea how much effort each task needs and it is better to deliver the material to customers in within the negotiated time frame. Dead lines are truly such as their name implies.

But yes, I’m interested. At the moment I don’t consider myself fully expert, but rather mediocre +. Nla and action editor are still to learn. I could skip them otherwise while with IPOs almost everything can be handled especially when there is no larger projects, but for walking stride bones are a must. There is no way to deal with them without NLA, I suppose.

You noticed that I’m not encouraging too much. Well, I’d like to say that don’t hesitate. Now you have mentioned your goal, it is perhaps a smarter choice to help each other to learn new things. I really could have some use for a tutor and I there is something I can teach as well. You know that sometimes blender refuses to take your orders as you mentioned them. Shared knowledge gives synergy advance.

I can chip a little every now and then - especially in the animation dept.
I would suggest getting started on the demo reel asap.

wont get a job without one. :stuck_out_tongue:

been there -
no experience - no job
no job - no experience
and it’s a vicious cycle . . .
so break it - make a demo reel

great guys…am really HAPPY that it’s slowly starting. (does who were interested I will contact/have already contacted)

ive come up with some names for our group subject to group members approvel

1)max powers inc
2)animator storm

anymore? to add what do you think?
(:evilgrin:demo reels on the way)

animator/compositor and a bit of everything

great, so now I think we can start to discuss it a bit more. Until now here are 5 people (that is more that I expected). I think that the team might be full/closed now. Below is a list of user name / discussion status / profession. Please fill your profession you think you are the best (or you would like to be the best ;o) ). After the team will be closed we can start to work on the next steps (this week would like to have the team complete).

blenderrenegade - agreed, ???
psychotron - agreed, interier now
blndr08 - agreed ???
kbot - agreed, animation, (help here and there)
me(miroslav_karpis) - agreed, organizing + a bit of everything.

blempis - in process, ???

I’m not going to pretend that i could help you at all - I can’t - but I would be interested in such a studio as far as what your experiences will be in setting it up, what works and what doesn’t work, etc. I’ve got my own little (large) project going, and if all goes according to my devious plan, I was considering a similar sort of less-centralized studio. Like a collection of freelancers that would occasionally take on larger group projects and split the earnings.

For the immediate future I’m pretty much completely worthless, as I can’t work on this machine - i have to get a new system built (and possibly a second rending system). So I can’t really be of help to you, but as i say, I would love to sort of know how things pan out and what’s going down.

count me in =)

It’s good to know that we can get to a good start.

OK, I think that we can take ‘yes’ from Blempis as ‘yes’. So now we should have the whole team ;o) (6 members). Let me welcome everybody and wish us a good works and projects in front of us.
At least this sunday I will show you a draft/proposal of my plan (what to do next, etc…) - please take it only as a proposal. If you have other opinion just let me know,…etc…we are now a team.
Before that you can maybe prepare:

  • some works that you would like to show/use for our portfolio/demo reel. If you don’t have something now don’t worry - we will make it later ;o)
  • other questions/comments - if you have some questions or ideas about how it should/should not work let me know (for example - create a work contract, do we want a positions/responsibilites in the studio, etc…etc…). I will come with my proposal later.So until now maybe this. And once again welcome and good luck for us ;o)

Very interesting how people seem to be willing to jump aboard. Very confirming of my belief in the creative spirit :slight_smile:

I am doing my own now, so I won’t be signing up (well, not for now, anyway), but I would love to learn a little about your plans after you have a crew. Is the studio being formed around some clients you already have or know you can get? Or is it formed around a specific project? Or are you simply preparing yourself to go out and knock on doors at potential clients (if so, I wish you luck, you’ll need that, and persistence!)? Do you perhaps have a full (or partial but well-written) busines plan?

I sincerely hope you will succeed, and that you will give all of us a continual insight into it!

Hey I’m glad for your enthusism and look forward to your proposal. I would advise that you be most precise in this, instead of being general, and that your proposal does not ask members for input like “script etc”.

thank you for your encouragement ;o) . I’m now working on a small commercial spot for my company. If that would be good, than I think I would get more jobs. Plus I have some other ideas so I think that if the work would be good than also jobs would come

the origional idea is that i find work for you and you find work for me we all help each other out
cognis the way i see it that we all have our individual studios but we collaborate and if we get work we subdivide amongst the members they contribute the final product is than delivered than all share profit for group work (what ii wanted to do is go a step futher and have a group formed in which all of the members own the studio logo and company name copyrights collaboratively so basically if and if (lets se the quality of work)the studio makes it kinda big all the members have an equal share and can basically function in there respective countries under the same business name eg blender storm available in most nations (this way the studio can be known to be multinational the more the branches the more the demand
but hay we gotta start off miroslav is busy working out a formula or plan lets see how fast we progress what he comes up with

as a side note when we get there i would be willing to set up a website for the studio

just send me ideas for themes when the time comes :slight_smile:

Well, you’re off to a good start. Speaking from (small CG studio) experience, however, I really advice you to always focus on the question “how does this make money”. The sad fact is that it’s not the good CG that makes it out there, it’s the profitable CG. Just look at CG movie studios producing beautiful stuff and then going broke (Square Enix, for example) :frowning: and how many, many studios (like mine) stay running on boring standard work… it’s a weird and hostile world Out There :eek: