Thinking about upgrading to Blender 2.69...need info

Hi, I had a question about upgrading to a newer version of Blender. I’m running Blender version 2.68a on a PC right now, if I download the newest version, which is 2.69, will it overwrite the version I’m running right now or will I have 2 versions of Blender on my computer?


Hi, if you use the installer it overwrite your version.
Take the zipped version and unpack it where you want, than you can work with different versions of Blender.

Cheers, mib.

And there’s another thing: After unpacking the zipped version, add an empty folder named “config” to your …/blender…/2.69/ directory. This will force Blender to write your preferences to that local folder instead of mingling configuration files from different versions globally.

I think I’ll just overwrite it, I really don’t have any use in using different versions of the same software. What do you mean by my preferences? I’m using all the default buttons and hotkeys, I haven’t customized anything. Will performance get better if I add this folder? Performance in terms of rendering speed, etc.

Thanks to both of you guys.

Performance gains? No.

I just prefer to…

…start any new version of Blender with a clean config (Blender changes so rapidly, I just want to avoid remains of config files from previous versions causing trouble - whatsoever).

…have different startup files for my different versions of Blender, each with a setup optimized for a specific renderer (Cycles, vray, Indigo).

… have everything in one place if I decide to move to another PC (as everything inclusive of the settings is in the one Blender directory).

Some people like to keep their current version of Blender (which they are sure works) and install the latest cutting edge version in a separate folder while they work with it. Sometimes Blender features get broken during upgrades and aren’t fixed for a while. This is generally only an issue for folks who are deep into the weeds of very complex and fairly new Blender features that might not have a robust testing suite nor a lot of beta testers to find bugs before a release.

It’s not that people want to use several versions of the software, but sometimes they need an earlier version until all the bugs get stomped in the bleeding edge version.

Does the 2.69 version have any major bugs that I should know about? It’s not in testing phase or anything right? It’s a stable release?

It’s a stable release?

Yes, it is a very stable version.

Cheers, mib.

Ok. Thanks to all of you, you all have been very helpful!