Thinking Man anim.

Hey, I’m making a short little animation of a large statue in a room with a little guy that climbs all over it. I’m having problems with the subsurf, though… I started on the head and torso of a simple statue and then joined the two halves and now the middle has an indentation all the way around the statue. I removed doubles and recalculated normals…I cant figure out how to fix it… any ideas?

um…heh… never mind…I figured it out.
smacks himself on the forehead

er now I have another problem… I was trying to use the knife tool and instead of making the line that I want, it creates inside my quad, 3 tri’s… very annoying. isn’t there a way to just divide my quad into half?

then knife tool (shift+k)

then result (enter)

you mesh is not clean you have some triangles you should have only quads to make face loop cut

that is weird - it should cut your quads in half…
perhaps you didn’t go all the way to the edge- remember you have to draw over it to cut it.

man I dunno… I’m using windows xp so who knows what goes wrong with this thing. lol. :< %|

heres an update on my progress… this is the statue that the little guy is gonna be climbing all over. c&c appreciated.

hope you like it! :smiley:

I very much like the pose you have him in. his left arm looks disproportionate; long forearm, short bicep. How big is the statue? the texture makes it look small.
Oh yeah, he’s missing a waist :stuck_out_tongue:

aw man…I knew I was forgetting something… now I’ll have to go back and model a damn waist! lol.

yeah I was following a picture of a wooden statue and thats how the arm was.
lemme post a picture of the room the animation will be in…its sort of a museum setting but it will give you an idea of how big he’s gonna be.

man…I’m trying to find a good lighting setup for my scene…so far its pretty tough…by the way, does AO slow down render time too much for an an animation??

Yes, unless you set the samples very low. Around 2 should do it for animations. But I’m a newbie, so…

man… I can’t get the shadows to appear from the statue onto the platform that it is on and from the platform onto the floor of the room.

see? any suggestions?

hey how do you assign two different materials to one object??

hey here’s an update on my animation… sorry I haven’t animated anything yet…but I will start soon!

and heres the “wee thinker” as I call him:

hope you like! :smiley:

I also think the arms are disproportionate.

Not sure about the shadows. Perhaps use more spotlights only casting shadows?

spot shadows can be innacurate. you get the best results if you keep the shadow "concentrated’ on the target area- clip start out as far as possible, etc.
you can play with bias too, or use multiple shadow casting lights
you can use ray shadows
you can use area lights
you can use ao (not exactly full shadows, but contact shadows)

as for the quad thing- try selecting the face next to the one you’re going to cut to- does the knife tool work properly now?

yeah I got the knife tool to work now. I wasn’t using it correctly (of course) and also the lighting is still weird but I’ll figure it out. thanks!

man… I may have to model my statue again… I was going to use subsurf modeling but you can’t use that with radiosity… I was using radiosity for the statue, the stand, and the room because it looks better but I can’t do that with subsurf…maybe I’ll try baking textures? anyone know how to do that?

you can use radiosity with subsurf
you can also alt-c convert the subsurf to a mesh for old school radiosity. no need to remodel, eitherway.

DUDE! thanks… you just saved me a ton of work… I’m still an amateur at modeling. I’m starting to figure it out though. Thanks a LOT for the “alt-c” thing… I’m sucha dummy for not thinking of that earlier! %|

I decided to remodel the wee thinker. I didn’t like his face or the way he looked. I’ll post an update soon!