Thinner: Billy Halleck

Hello guys. I have been working on a bust of the character Bill Halleck from the movie Thinner by Stephen King. I created the base mesh from a cube, sculpted it and retopologized. I did two multi-res sculpts on the retopo. Now I want to take the model into Zbrush to do some High-poly details (Wrinkles, pores). Before I export, I want to UV unwrap this. Is this the right step? My goal is to to create a normal and displacement map in zbrush and then go back to blender to composite and render. This is my first time UV unwrapping. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Sculpt the rest of the mesh first and then UV map it. If you UV Map it and then go back to change something on the mesh, when you import the texture, it’s going to screw things up.

If I am going to detail in zbrush should I uv map after that then. I am done sculpting in Blender. Blender is too slow beyond level 2 of the multires. In zbrush I can go up to a sub div 7 without slowness.

really? usually once you unwrap a mech nomatter how you manipulate it it stays the same in the image editor. the more verticice you have the harder to fix if something goes wrong. and the multi rez tool wouldnt work at all if that where the case.

Go into detail then come back and UV map it just to be safe.

I will hold off on Zbrush detail till this weekend. I did further refinement to his face in blender. I gave him some clothing (suit & tie). Luckily I don’t have to do below his chest. I used a mixture of sculpting and traditional poly modeling for the jacket. I like to sculpt and then retopo with snap and project all to get the right shape. I want to retopo the tie since I really pushed around the polygons with the move brush.

I imported my basehead into Zbrush. Had to flip the normals since it was looking inside out. I will start refining the head for likeness and adding detail.


Still working on face details in zbrush but I brought the model back into Blender to start to play with a skin material I will make. This was just me experimenting and playing around.

I have been having crashes with blender which I wanted to ask about. I started this model on a computer with version 2.64 32 bit. I then work on another computer with 2.65 and 64 bit. I find that after a while my screen flickers pink and I can not do anything but hold down the power to shut off. I have had the issue multiple times but only with the instance mentioned above, switching between two computers. Any one else encounter this? Thanks.


Just some eyes as placeholders for now.

Brilliant work so far, really looking forward to seeing the final piece with all the fine detailes. Skin material looking awesoe, maybe a bit too pale/yellow imo

Hey thank you so much! I agree about the skin. Once I finish the high poly in zbrush I will focus on adjusting the skin material.

Started a little bit of pore detail.