Thinner Fluid without loosing viscosity ?

Sorry if this is a repeat question …

I’ve tried making the inflow smaller but no change. I want to use the Honey preset for the viscosity but want to make the flow thinner. I’m attempting to pour chocolate sauce from a jug, I’ve put the inflow inside the jug so it’s constantly being filled but it keeps clogging up at the spout as it slowly pour out.

Tried at res 200 but it’s still not thinning much. Is there anything else than can change the size ?

Check Slip type of the obstacle and try to to increase Compressibility under Fluid World panel of domain.

Without seeing the blend file, it’s hard to say; but as zeauro said, the most likely culprit would be the obstacle’s Slip type.
The other “usual suspects” are:

  • unapplied scale (especially a negative scale),
  • duplicate geometry (remove doubles),
  • overlapping/ “wonky” geometry; especially if your jug has a handle. Depending on how it’s modelled could cause a problem. Sometimes it’s best to use a proxy object with only the interior shell to perform the simulation,
  • normals (re-calculate normals).
  • the relative size of your fluid objects to the domain could also be an issue.

Thanks will give it a try.