Thinsoldier sketchbook

Many months ago I was helping someone troubleshoot the noise in their indoor scene. I suck at indoor scenes mainly because I have no idea about how to get rid of all the noise. This is their scene. I can’t remember their name. I redid the textures and lighting and tried numerous approaches to try to get ride of noise. Also their original file was something like 107MB and I could barely move the viewport. I moved a few heavy objects to their own files, used collection instances for the leaf particle systems, un-subdivided some things and added the subdiv modifier, made low poly versions of things you don’t see from either of the 2 camera angles, used collections and/or shared mesh data for repeated elements etc. Now the files all together are only around 20MB.

Playing with more old blender files downloaded from Blendswap

This is building-10 17015 by MarcoD

Another old blender file: “Interior Scene of Bedroom” by SlykDrako
It was originally using Blender Internal render engine. I found out later SlykDrako had already made a cycles version.

Adjusted the quilt material to make it easy for the top side and under side of the quilt to have different colors/textures/materials. It is based on the position of the original UVs.

Unfortunately the UVs of the mattress and pillows are not as good as the quilt.

Decimated the quilt to drastically reduce polycount and remove subdiv modifier.

Added feet to the bed and zeroed out the location/rotation/scale of everything and made collection for the bed that can be easily linked to other files.


Creator: Wig42


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These procedural wood textures absolutely murder viewport performance in eevee.

I dissected the scene and replaced as much as possible with mesh instances, collection instances, arrays, mirrors, etc. Rebuilt some very small objects that had obscene amounts of geometry.
Brought the file size down to 14MB from the original 43MB.

tudor bedroom by clive9

2021-04-12 Used Nishita Sky

This crap took 8 hours to render :frowning:

I wanted to have more realistic candles but now I’ve lost the vibe of the lighting I had in the earlier version at the top of this thread. Added lots of random assets from blenderkit and blendswap.

More playing with files from Blendswap

interior3 2021 pkd.blend (4.5 MB)