Third-party commercial interactive ray-tracer?

Hey all,

So on the CGtalk forum there is a software start up company who have started work on an interactive ray-tracer;

I was talking to the CEO of the company I suggested that it would be a good thing if, when 2.5/6 becomes stable and the full API is developed that the company should, perhaps look at developing a third-party commercially available plug-in for blender, which would allow this interactive ray-tracer to be directly viewable in the blender view port (Via the render drop down list perhaps?).

Anyway, one of the issues raised is that since blender is Free-ware, the company is a little concerned that the blender community wouldn’t pay for third-party plug-ins, I can understand this thinking as blender is renowned for being free, which is a bonus to a lot of users.

Anyway, I would like to know, given the chance would you pay for a third-party plug-in with this capability that could be plugged straight into blender? (I believe the asking price was somewhere around $100, which is very low, compared to the other commercial offerings).

My thinking behind this is, that it would be very good for product visualization, imagine being able to see fully ray-traced scenes (millions of polygons) directly in the view-port!

Depends how good it is, how well it integrates with Blender, how fast it is, how much it costs.

Are you considering selling just the plugin for $100, or the app and the plugin? If it’s the former I think that sounds a little steep. If it’s the whole package including the Blender plugin it sounds like a good deal.

Even though I use some open source apps I don’t mind paying for good software, if the asking price isn’t unreasonable. Will have to play with it to determine if it is truly useful in my workflow though.

I’m not the developer or part of the company producing the software, just a user who is interested in getting this sort of thing into blender.

I agree with you about the integration, speed, and cost etc.

I can’t comment on the pricing for the plug-in + application. I know $100 was mentioned for the application itself, so I couldn’t see the plug-in being priced to highly.

well, lets say that the app’s a $100 and the plugin for blender it self perhaps $25 - $50,
if the engine’s good, and I can abstract the render layers for compositing trough a .exr,
then it would be more than worth it, IMHO. :slight_smile:

I voted that i wouldn’t pay primarily because i’m not sure what the plugin is like, or whether i’d really need it. However, if i was the developer of the plugin, i’d consider covering my bases and making it available for other software aswell, while at the same time distributing the plugin and app along with blender itself so it can be used right away.

Felix_Kütt: That would be a very good feature to have, I’ll post the CGtalk thread here so you can post your suggestion;

Pesho: I was mainly asking if you would pay to use a commercial product with blender, but you raised good points about what the actually quality and uses of the plug-in would be.

It’s a commercial application so the developers wouldn’t distribute the application with blender, that wouldn’t make sense, business wise. However offering the plug-in free probably would be a good move on their part.

P.s. I understand a lot of people here would rather just have the software for free, keeping in check with blenders philosophy but you must understand this technology takes a lot of time and dedication, hence it’s not always feasible to release software for free.

so this is similar to bunkspeed’s hypershot?

I don’t think an application like that will be in the $100 price range, however, if the price is reasonable I wouldn’t mind paying for it. I totally support the idea of having professionally developed apps and plugins to be used in blender. With blender’s capabilities nowadays it’s a great platform to develop stuff for.
Take the Thea Render example, plugin for blender will be 20EU and introductory price of the render engine will be EU195 and I’m more than willing to pay for that after seeing its capabilities. But I’ll have to get it in the promo, otherwise the regular EU390 price will be out of my range (and competes with vray standalone, which would be cheaper).

as much as I like the idea…I don’t like to use external apps, including renderers. I am also unemployed ATM…and that biases my opinion to a point.

I don’t mind paying for stuff that’s useful…

Worleys Fprime plug in for lightwave is something I’d buy at the drop of a hat if such a thing existed for blender

the real trick though is how does this level of integration work? what are the limits of the GPL? It’s already un-clear with scripts and also with the game engine…

if it renders in the viewport, that’s one thing… if it launchesan external app and auto imports the results of the output of that app, does that mean the external app is “infected” by the GPL and therefore becomes “free software” by default?

the only current things are VRAY which exports to an intermediate format so isn’t really integrated…
… or launching an external 2d editor from the UV/Image window…

EDIT, PS, for things like renderers it makes sense to consider alternative and commercial software… I’m not sure I’d say the same for modelling plugins for example…