Third Person Camera Help

Hello I am making a 3rd person game and I need help with the camera and player.

What I want is for the player to walk in the direction the camera is facing when the player begins to move, and for the camera to rotate around the player when the player isn’t moving.

What I did was create a small sphere and put it inside the player and parented it to the player. After that I made the camera and positioned it behind the player and parented it to the sphere. I then added a mouse movement sensor to the sphere and the mouse look actuator with Z axis and X axis.

So I have the rotation but does anyone know how to make the player walk in the direction of the camera when the player starts walking forward?

3rdperson.blend (513 KB)

Hey man i designed this for you, it basically does exactly what you want and it has a timer, which (after 7 tics of inactivity) rotates around the player until the player does something.

Hope this solves your problem :wink:

One thing I did not add in was camera collision, so that it does not intersect with the environment, if you would like me to add that, let me know :slight_smile:

Love it TimDrew! But yes I would like camera collision added to it. Perhaps use the collision provided in the .blend download that hilkojj provided?

Also instead of the player immediately popping in the direction of the camera I would like it to quickly rotate in that direction instead.

3rdperson_v2.blend (484 KB) Here it is, i added cam collision (my own method though) and smooth turning! Enjoy!

Awesome thank you so much! :smiley: