Third Person Shooter WIP [UPDATE 1]

Hey Guys!!
Been quite a while since I started this thread. The project is not dead… just that i hardly get 2 hours a day to work on this (actually access my pc)…

[UPDATE - 1.1]
So I made a few changes…

  • re-wrote the whole code (feeling more and more confident with python :slight_smile: )
  • Basic Cover System Complete (check it out!!) (works only on the two walls at the right due to property filter)
  • Added Stairs and jumping
  • Better friction setup
  • New test playground
  • Added Aiming (+ while covering)

W,A,S,D + Mouse - Movement
Right Mouse - Aim
Space - Jump
W(Hold) + Shift(Tap) - Run
Shift (while Aiming) - Change aiming Shoulder
E - Cover

  • Just in case any one complains… I know I haven’t added models yet but Im working on them and also wont be adding them until the basic character system is done (to avoid complications)

again since I have not added any assets yet so Im giving away the source. Though I did not comment in a few areas in the script, feel free to ask any questions related to the code and any optimization suggestions are most welcomed.


TPS (673 KB)

great work everything works fine,also the camera movement when it zooms in is pretty clean and smooth.
Are you going to add a character model or is this just a test?

@Fenice Thanks. Yes as i mentioned I haven’t started making models for the game. They become quite a distraction when working on core mechanics… So models will be added soon after I am satisfied with the basic character controller.:slight_smile:

Very interesting indeed, I’d like to volunteer to make your models (+rig), if it’s okay with you :slight_smile:

[Bump] [Update 1] check first post for Update

[Update] - Added basic Aiming which works even while taking cover.