Third Person Shooter

I have nothing made for it yet, not even a name. But this is my basic idea for it:

Third Person Shooter,
EXP System
Health and Armour point system

Customizable character,
Weapon/Armour shop,
And, if possible: Mutliplayer

Ima browse and find all the tutorials, books, ect. I can find to help me out with this.
Why? I am a total Noob to Blender! However, I do have scripting expierience so that’ll help with blender’s Python and other scripting things they use, I do have other expierience modding games. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to learn, the hardest part in my opinion would be modeling, I have very little experience doing this.

But hey, I see this practice for college :smiley: And damn fun doing it. Just thought I’d post it here, Any suggestions to a storyline for it would be much appreciated, I can’t come up with anything x.x Brain’s too full of trying to come up with ideas to put into the game.

Oh, confirmation of games can be multiplayer or not?

That makes a BIG difference if it can be multiplayer, or if it cannot be multiplayer.

-Mike (Kreysherd)

You probably want to hold off on modeling until you have a functional basic game anyway, simply because you’ll probably want to be showing the bounds object most of the time during debugging, and further models aren’t necessary at that point.

Prepare to be on a loooooong road, though, as any type of game beyond simple minigames take many, many, MANY man-hours to make, even if just to the point of one functional level/demo. You will probably have to drop features, as you have quite a lot you want to make.

Multiplayer is certainly possible- you can either do split-screen (input is s problem, unless you have controllers/joysticks) or socket over ethernet/internet- I am told this is quite difficult, though I’d imagine AI would be tougher.

Well, if there was a way to render a debug exe file, I could always run in and port forward. Problem? That exe file is/would be the server. Soooo… I’d have to keep not only my computer, but that file running all the time >< I wouldn’t know of any other way for a MMOTPS without paying for a remote domain. I’d also have to worry about MySQL.

I’d have alot of integration to work with… >< Oi, this is going to take a long, long time. Hopefuly totally worth it in the near future.

I guess it wouldn’t help to ask for some help working on it… Get like, a team assembled, and then we could all be admins when the game opens :smiley: If anyone wants to, offer is there.

Ah, when you just said “multiplayer” I assumed you meant standard multiplaye where one of the players is host or maybe they put up a dedicated server…

If you want to make your game MMO be prepared to
-modify blender’s source code
-work for years with a full team of skilled programmers
-spend a LOT of money
-do constant follow-up maintenance until the game is taken offline

Too many people seem to think that making an MMO is like making a flash game.

What kind of team would you be recruiting (eg. modellers, animators, texture artists, etc.)?

Alright, what I mean is, say you’re a player. You download the game, install the game, and then you run the game. Upon start up you’re faced with a menu, the log in/register. You register which creates the account in the MySQL database on the single server.

You log in with this account, and have the ability to create a character like this:
Fighting styles: This game is primarily a shooter, but can use melee, as a backup if you run out of ammo. There will be styles with different newb guns. They’ll be pretty much even upon start up.

You select this, and then you can go about changing the character, the basic armour you cannot change untill you buy different armour. However, you can go about changing race, hair, and face, as well as sex of your character (Which is pretty basic customization, I know, but it works)

Once you do all this, that character is created. And you log in, the main screen offers the various games there are. With symbols indicating what type of game it is, players will set up the games themselves, so the games are player run.

To avoid the high levels mixing with the newbs, there should be diffferent game channels, which will sort everything out evenly.

You enter into a game, kill some people, level up, and get some money.

After the game, you then can go to the shop and see what items you can currently buy at your level. As well as other items you cannot purchase yet, so you can set goals for yourself.

And that’s the premisis of the game. Pretty simple sounding, but I don’t know if there will be other programs needed to make it?

I understand that making an MMO is nothing like making a Flash game. Perhaps I need look elsewhere to make an MMO, I was mis-directed.

I think if you expect to make an MMO with anything less than the complete backing of a large company, you are sorely mistaken. Even getting just a hundred or so players to be able to log in at once (far below MMO numbers) is a large challenge.