Third Rock from the Sun

This model mostly makes use of colour ramps and ray trace to create the atmosphere. The cloud sphere casts shadows onto the ground and water below it and the city lights only appear when on the dark side of the planet - even if it rotates in an animation.

Favorite Tv show.

How did you do the lights, i tried to figure it out but couldn’t.

There’s a tutorial on BlenderGuru about how to do this. Exactly this. The day/night, the shadows from clouds, et cetera. I’ve recently been noticing a lot of people posting their “Finished Projects” that are just them following Andrew’s tutorials, without giving credit. After seeing the tutorial w/ Andrew’s result, and then several other peoples’ results, it sort of gets old.

Actually, this is one I made myself. I started developing techniques for making a planet over a year ago, I can even show you how I did it.
It sounds like you are assuming that I am ripping off some guys model that they made in a tutorial – (sorry if you’re not), but that’s just pure speculation that’s based in no truth.
I will upload a video and show you how I made my model, if you compare my video with the tutorial you mentioned, I bet they’ll be different.
This is my way of giving solid proof that this is my own work.

Here’s the video:

a quick video showing you the techniques I used. Just remember that even if alot of people are using the BlenderGuru’s tutorial, it doesn’t mean that every Tom, Dick, and Harry that makes a planet is ripping him off. a planet is a planet, they tend to look alike.