Third type of sphere?

So I understand UV spheres and Icospheres… but there’s a third type of sphere mesh I’m looking for – one that you can smoothly break apart along the x, y or z axis. I set up a basic mesh (really three sets of edges that I haven’t connected:

Does this exist as a prim somewhere, or does anyone have an easy way to get the lines to connect cleanly so it has faces? Does this sort of sphere have a name? I don’t know if this would produce quads easily, or how well you could subdivide it, but I’d really love to have a prim that works this way to slice apart and build things with…

EDIT: I’ve found a spherical toy similar to the rubik’s cube called the Marusenko Sphere, with a lot of technical info here: but still not sure how to use this info for a 3d mesh…

there is a quad sphere
and i think you make another one starting with a cube and adding subsurf !

i mean not certain did you tried these?


Okay, I’ll try this for you here.
Take your basic cube. Then in edit mode, subdivide it 3 or 4 times. Then go to mesh tools transform----> to sphere or use Shift+Alt+Skey. Then your cube becomes a sphere of quads.
Just a neat little trick.

Ah, there’s a plugin for 2.6 called “Polysphere” which is essentially a cube with subsurface applied to it.

Found it by searching for “quadsphere”. It’s not EXACTLY what I was looking for, but this might actually work better. Thanks!

don’ think polysphere is same then quadsphere!

there is one for quadsphere 2 weeks ago

i can find it if you need to