This category hierarchy is inconsistent

It’s confusing that you can post in a subcategory but also in a category without a subcategory.

Take the “New Site Feedback” category. Here I can post a topic (this) under the category. But also in the subcategory “Testing”, but not in the subcategory “Site Improvements”. The latter is explained in an about-topic, so that’s fine.

But then posting on all other categories is disabled, except for their subcategories.

This whole hierarchy is confusing. I personally don’t see a need for a page where all topics of all subcategories are grouped, aka a category. Just make the subcategories the categories and make the categories just names for groups of subcategories.

Just explaining it is confusing enough.

On a side note: I dislike the alternating row colors for categories. There’s no need for it. Luckily some custom css themes already fixed that. So +1 for that.

Yeah you’re right, the #site-feedback category has an inconsistency - all the others are fine. I’m not going to invest time in changing that now though as this has been working fine for a month, and this is a temporary category anyway.