This category is for posting paid work opportunities ONLY

Quick note for people posting new threads in this forum: If it’s not a paid job, your thread will be moved or deleted. And no, deferred payment or “exposure” do not qualify as valid forms of payment. If the position is filled, please update your post to use the #solved tag.

For people responding to job postings here: Be careful. Do your due diligence. Look up the person/company posting the job and confirm its validity. Use common sense. Don’t work without a signed contract. There’s not much anyone can do if things go sideways and you get taken advantage of. Again, be careful.

Please also note that this is not a place to post a thread to announce that you’re available for hire. There are other websites more suitable for that.


Thanks Fweeb. Hopefully we get a lot of serious inquiries here.

There should be a forum for Blender Artists portfolios. And another for the game engine seperatly…

Say NO to Spec Art:

What is ‘Working on Spec?’

We need a thread dedicated to this topic as I’ve seen too many people undercharging or doing paid work for free…

Thanks for the job forum Blender!

Yes, There must be a “Artists available” section. On other websites we post in the sample help wanted section.

yes if you want to work like this then use this

Why I can’t post new thread? Can you please check for me?

1.) I’m trying to post a paid job. I’m not a blender. Need to hire one but cannot because this site is unknown. What to do.
2.) and how to attach images to the post so blenders can understand the task.
3.) and how to know that someone is interested or has question.
Thanks for any helpl.

really interest

At least make legal business to post link to their home pages so we can see whether speculative work has been used for free and/or the ideas.

Can I earn by posting topics on this site?

How Amount & How can we get?

Not directly. No.

You can respond to to job postings, though (typically by PM).

I am curious about doing small paid jobs. I am a student and wouldn’t consider myself to be an amazing blender artist but decent in certain areas. I am terrified of getting myself in trouble, or biting off more then I can chew. Is there any advice you guys with more experience in this sort of work can give someone like me who is new.

Interesting topic and nice read.


Make your position clear when applying for jobs. If your employer understands this, any issues you encounter will be much easier to deal with.

‘Biting off more than you can chew’ is the best way to learn :slight_smile:


Do paid (university/high school) internships qualify to get posted here?

Thank Fweeb. Hopefully we get a lot of serious inquiries here. I can earn by sending articles on this site? How Amount & How can we get?

I’m not sure I fully understand your questions, but it sounds like you’ve misunderstood the purpose of this site. It’s a web forum, so it doesn’t have “articles” like a blog or news site might have. This is a site where Blender artists share their art, get support, and discuss topics relevant to Blender and 3D. The Jobs subforums are here for people interested in hiring Blender artists.

I’m new to freelancing and I’d like to have more information.
Like :
What is the best payment method ? (direct wire transfer, Paypal, other ?)
What is the best kind of contract ? Can it differ for every country ?
Should the freelancer sign a contract from his country or his client’s country ? seems to be a good contract and invoice maker
There’s also, (is this one only for game development and not game design ?),
also for invoices,

but do all of these work worldwide ?

Some other links I found :

But the best would be to have a blenderartists specific “article” on how it’s usually done for each case scenario of this forum. Even though there is no one and only best solution, it would be very helpful for freelance beginners.