This d***ed new walk cycle modifier!

I have read every resource I could find, and I still can’t get this walk cycle thing to work. I cleared the armatures rotation. I added a bone that didn’t move during the walk cycle. I put in an OffSet bone. (I still don’t get how it’s supposed to know which bone is the one that doesn’t move.

Try playing that walk cycle animation in the NLA editor. It just goes once and stops. I’ve tried changing every value. I’m gonna start losing sleep over this!!!

Here’s my blend (direct link):

Edit: I just realized that it’s not really “new” any more… this walkcycle stuff… AND THERE STILL ARE NO GOOD TUTORIALS. Unless I missed something? Any ideas could be helpful.

Aheh… mmm… eh… Excuse me. I hadn’t changed the NLA window to NLA mode.


you might want to drop by Amazon/Barnes and pick up a copy of “Introducing Character Animation with Blender” by Tony da Bugman_2000. It’s a really really gooooooood 500 page tutorial.

I hadn’t changed the NLA window to NLA mode.

Then add a Strip for it and set “Repeat” to however many times you want the keyed walk to cycle, but it sounds like you got there on your own?


Yep. Thanks Fligh. I got it figured out.

I do have another question, however. When you key a walk cycle, how do you avoid keying every bone every frame? I have the automatic thing on, but then, if you go a few keyframes without moving something, then move it, it’ll just glide from your old key to your next one. I guess it’s just a matter of experimentation.

Turn the Auto IK off and use IK_Solver constrained bones instead.


Hi, everybody. First time poster here.

I thought of resurrecting this thread instead of making a new one (there’s quite a few threads about this new walk cycle thingie).

So, I read every post and then some, tried everything I could think of and still I ain’t getting good results.

First problem I had was to do with crooked local coordinates of the armature. Once I got that fixed, the upperbody of my character started following the path with no problems, but the feet are going way too fast ahead of him, even when I added a new path for them.

In my rig there’s only a root bone, which acts like a torso too. I thought that might be why only the upper body followed, but then we (I’m doing a group project) added a master bone to the whole rig and still I’m not getting anywhere with this.

Has anyone else had problems with feet not following, or making weird turns or going too fast ahead of the rest of the body?

Any help is very very welcome!


You’ll have to post a blend. It sounds like your problem is in the NLA setup but guessing is unproductive.


look in the 2.43 release log at, there’s two blend files about walk, that are useful.
the feet took two steps before to be at the right place, in my case (with one curve for the torso). try to repeat 5 times your cycle and check after the 3rd one it should be ok.
with 1 other curve for the feet, I change a little bit the starting and finishing points. you’ll see the feet that slice when you edit the curve.
you can also change the speed of the curves.
I don’t find other way yet. not sure it’s the best one, technically.
one can do ‘super’ that flies away easily :smiley:

im havin a problem with a walk cycle too, im doin the little oto tutorial and after making half of the cycle it says to take the first frames keys and put them mirrored at the end. how do i mirror them?

here have a link-

Thank the lords of Kobol, I think I got it to work finally on my own. It still ain’t perfect but atleast so much closer. It still bugs me tho that are you supposed to put the nla modifier on so many things? I had to put both the IK bones of my feet and the bones that rotate the feet to follow a path. So 5 modifiers in total (one being torso, obviously).

There’s still some funky business going on, but it might be cause of my crappy walk cycle and not the nla.

Expect a follow-up questionare in the near future, tho =)